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Baltimore's Inner Harbor Prime Steakhouse

Supano's Steakhouse prides itself on serving an excellent selection of dry aged steaks. Prepared to perfection by our steak chefs.
Supano's restaurants popular cuts are the New York strip, ribeye, and tenderloin or filet mignon.
Supano's Baltimore Steakhouse will only serve steaks made from Black Angus beef. Steakhouse chefs and diners know that the Angus label means a juicy and delicious piece of meat every time. In the US, steaks must pass a rigorous set of criteria to be named certified Angus beef, including a fair to moderate amount of fat marbling texture to ensure a tender consistency.

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Frank's Prime Filet Mignon

It is the most tender of steaks yet has very little fat marbling. Since it is both lean and tender it’s the best choice for those watching their fat intake. It has the mildest flavor compared to other cuts. Since it has little fat that renders into the steak as it cooks, it is not nearly as juicy as other steaks and can become dry if cooked beyond medium.

Dino's Prime Ribeye

The ribeye has the most abundant fat marbling. That’s why it is considered the most juicy and flavorful of all steaks. This is the choice of real steak aficionados. Beefy, robust, and fatty. It can often be too fatty for some. It is from the same cut as a standing rib roast.

Sammy's Prime New York Strip

This is perhaps the best steak when all things are considered at our restaurant. It has less fat than the ribeye and almost as tender. It has a flavor all its own. A Baltimore steakhouse favorite, succulent and buttery.

Supano's Steakhouse Dry Aged Beef

The secret to our great steaks is dry aging. The beef is dry aged specifically to our specs. Our dry aged beef is hung in coolers to age for at least 30 days where the moisture in the meat is allowed to escape. Evaporation shrinks the beef, concentrating its flavor as it softens the meat. Additionally, the proteins and fats go through a transformation as well. The result is superb beef with an extraordinarily rich flavor and buttery texture.

Dry aged beef is very expensive to produce. The beef itself loses up to 15% of its volume while drying. In addition, the dry aging process requires increased trimming, all of which accounts for a total loss of up to 50% of the weight of the original piece of beef. And if this did not raise the price enough, add in the costs of managed air circulation, strict temperature and humidity controls, stringent inventory management and increased storage room for the dry aging facility. All of these special accommodations go in, at some measure, to the final price of the dry aged beef offered by Supano's Steakhouse.

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Baltimore Inner harbor Happy Hour- Supano's Prime Steakhouse, Seafood and Pasta
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